We like moss growing through sidewalk cracks.
We like a white ceramic tea cup with roiboos tea.
We like evening fog, over a Victorian landscape.
We like spontaneous picnics in the park.
We like sand between our toes.
We like the sound of the wind whispering through trees.
We like vintage wooden toys.
We like a nice linen napkin.
We like the sound of purring cats in bed.
We like our dog's enthusiastic welcome-yodel.
We like a really good cotton t-shirt.
We like to tuck under soft blankets, while watching the telly.
We like (actually love) succulents.
We like hand-whipped cream the way Grandma used to make.
We like warm pumpkin pie.
We like lively conversation with our favorite people, in our favorite restaurant.
We like people who remember your name.
We like films on the big screen.
We like things made by hand.
We like simple things.

Tell us what you like.